i’ll take care of you, my dear, my husband
you’ll be my prince,
just don’t stop remind me to Allah,

i’ll take care of our children,
i’ll teach them, to love Allah, to love Rasulullah,
support me my dear,
for me, for you, for us if we are questioned by Allah then,

Allah must be the biggest reason of our love,
who has all of that feeling..? Allah..
because of Allah my dear,
just for Allah my dear,
He’ll give that sakinah, then
He’ll give that feeling of love between us, then
He’ll give what we need, then

let’s remind each other to Allah,
and Allah won’t leave us

meninggal di pangkuan seorang suami yang telah ridho kepada istrinya, my dream, it’s my dream,

perkenankan Rabb, perkenankanlah..
Allahumma aamiin

(waiting for that precious time, with my dear)


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